Air Conditioning Services

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Reliable Air Conditioning Services / Chesterfield & Richmond VA

Don’t wait until the first hot day of summer to turn your air conditioning on and discover it isn’t working properly. Our technicians are trained in removing and installing new HVAC systems as well as performing routine maintenance on your air conditioning units. Call C3 Heating & Air before the humid Virginia summers hit so we can make sure everything is working properly.

AC Repair and Maintenance

C3 Heating and Air maintains indoor and outdoor air conditioning units and performs regular maintenance services. Our technicians can provide the following and more:

  • Install new systems/remove old
  • Refrigerant/Freon
  • Clean Indoor/Outdoor fan
  • Capacitor
  • Voltage Check
  • Clean and check drain pan
  • Electrical components secure
  • Coil and nitrogen testing
  • Vacuum all parts of system
Proudly serving Chesterfield, VA, Chester, VA, Midlothian, VA, Colonial Heights, VA, and the Greater Richmond VA area

Installing & Servicing:

Installing & Servicing: